Founded in 2009, SPIN360 is a company offering advanced, innovative services that promotes sustainable business models and develops and manages projects for the strategic development of the skills of people (in particular young people) and for the design of innovative employment models.

Two main


of intervention

Sustainable Business Models

We promote sustainable business models in international fashion, design and other important markets. In our projects, we try to develop an integrated approach, encouraging collaboration and managing common objectives between large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises in the same production chain.

The main projects we have developed involve the following industries:
Textiles and Clothing
Wood and Furnishing

Skill Strategy and

Social Dialogue

We work alongside industrial associations, trade unions, schools, universities, national public authorities and the European Commission in developing projects dedicated to training, to develop innovative skills in response to new market demands.

We have developed skills in the following areas:
Textiles and Clothing

Why us?


With over 100 projects developed in different fields and with a varied client base


We are able to intervene quickly and develop the most suitable solution


We have a team of experts on different issues, with international skills


We plan work phases precisely and respect timescales


We create models designed to give immediate results that are “ready to apply”


We look outside the box for new avenues


Great attention to results and with extreme precision

Capable of interacting with different representatives

We coordinate partnerships with large companies, SMEs, public and private institutions, trade associations and trade unions at national and European level

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Synesis è una società consortile europea no-profit, frutto di una collaborazione pubblico-privato, costituita per la parte privata da piccole e medie imprese italiane e tedesche e per la parte pubblica da istituti di ricerca e sviluppo tecnologico: il CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) per l’Italia e la Fraunhofer Gesellschaft per la Germania.

Synesis svolge il ruolo di tramite fra il mondo della ricerca e l’innovazione in ambito industriale attraverso progetti di ricerca e offrendo servizi di trasferimento tecnologico e opportunità di collaborazione diretta alle imprese che hanno scelto l’innovazione come chiave per rispondere alle sfide produttive del nuovo millennio.