The first edition of “Innovation Training” has just come to the end; Spin360, the company who has promoted this new project already looks ahead, working to develop the second edition of Lineapelle Innovation Square – a three days event, from Oct 2nd- 4th during Lineapelle, that is already the number one global appointment on innovation in luxury and fashion materials.

Why Innovation Training?

“When we first thought about Innovation Training” says Spin360 Ceo Federico Brugnoli “we imagined to bridge two very diverse realities: on one side the long tradition of the European fashion and tanning industry, on the other the innovation based fast changing world represented by Boston and New York ecosystems. Two realities that at first sight do not have many things in common, but that can create and build solid relationships on innovation. The program is innovative itself and itself represents a novelty for the European Tanning industry”.

Created in collaboration with Kathleen D. Kennedy, Executive Director of the MIT Centre for Collective Intelligence and Cofounder of Hubweek, the agenda provided for a weeklong immersion program exploring emerging technologies, innovations and new companies that are shaping the future of fashion and its materials.

A novelty dedicated to innovation

One week to open minds, stimulate discussions, broaden the views on both sides of the Atlantic.
The 6 participants of the first edition of the program (3 from Spain, 2 from Italy and 1 from UK) had the opportunity to visit the Boston Design Center, Kendall Square, MIT, Wentworth Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School to experience the entrepreneurial and diverse culture embodied in the region.

They have spent some time in the classroom attending lectures and seminars. They have visited area incubators and start-up companies. Throughout the week, they have had the opportunity to hear guest lecturers talking about new approaches to innovation from a creative point of view but also from a business model point of view; to tour labs and facilities of companies at the forefront of innovation and become aware of the competitive advantage that their research are bringing to the market; review their experiences, and participate in discussions about books and case studies illustrating important lessons.

Despite the initial hesitations because leaving their companies and their day by day work for one entire week, they have all given very positive feedbacks and are already working to leverage all the inputs they have gained.

Looking for the next innovation…? The idea could sparkle just across the bridge.

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