SPIN 360 promotes new business models for companies characterised by sustainability, innovation and progress.



Key Concepts

An open vision of the world to learn about all the opportunities that technological, environmental and legislative progress has to offer.

It is essential to intercept the needs of the market and snap up the advantages of a new production process or new forms of industrial and financial organisation.

Spin360 develops services to support industrial innovation, analysing company needs and offering targeted technological and organisational solutions. It also supports companies in European projects, advising them about community and national funds to support innovation.

Innovation network and events

We analyse current technological trends in the world of fashion and design We identify suppliers of innovation and technology at an international level.

We combine the innovative offer in international events in collaboration with important trade fairs.

Innovation projects

We develop internally and in collaboration with selected partners R&D and technology transfer projects, aiming at developing selected technologies of sectoral interest.

Over the years, we have been working on innovation projects regarding Biotechnologies, Innovative materials, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Risk Management.