The business of the future must be sustainable.
This is our vision, the reason why SPIN360 exists and in which it firmly believes.
We believe that businesses can aim for success without forgetting the wellbeing of people and the environment.
Companies can take a responsible route to innovation and the pursuit of economic success can lead to positive social transformations as regards the environment.


We work every day to help companies and institutions implement innovative development models, capable of producing profit and, at the same time, improving their environmental and social sustainability, as well as contributing to professional growth and improving people’s working conditions.

This means:
making our expertise and contacts available to companies to develop advanced services to support the research and implementation of solutions for the long-term sustainability of the activities of SMEs and large companies and their production chains.


  • We want to offer our services as an efficient, competent representative for any member of the most important production chains
  • We aim to become the technical and strategic reference point when it comes to sustainability for the fashion supply chain
  • Our goal is to be the best consultant for associations and trade unions in Europe – we want to understand and accompany our social partners in concrete projects
  • We promote LCA and LCC as management tools and we work to be the best in the production and management of data throughout the supply chain
  • We aim to promote and develop an alternative model to audits for risk management in extended production chains

Our name encapsulates the values of our work.


It is not possible to think about economic growth without relating it to its environmental and social context. A company must produce not only economic gains but also benefits for the environment and for people. Only if it is sustainable in the 3 dimensions – economic, environmental and social – is the business destined to succeed. Spin360 designs growth paths that focus on the efficiency of production processes and have a reduced environmental impact and positive social repercussions for workers, communities, related industrial sectors and the environment.


Human capital is a company’s greatest asset: this wealth must be managed well and developed because in an ever-changing market, it is important to promote the growth of people in order to help them understand changes and grasp critical issues and opportunities.
Helping people grow helps the company grow: Spin360 offers innovative paths of analysis and development for projects related to education, training and improving people’s work satisfaction, based on the specific needs of companies and entire industrial sectors, depending on the historical moment and the characteristics of the people.


An open vision of the world to learn about all the opportunities that technological, environmental and legislative progress has to offer. It is essential to intercept the needs of the market and snap up the advantages of a new production process or new forms of industrial and financial organisation. Spin360 develops services to supportindustrialinnovation, analysing company needs and offering targeted technological and organisational solutions. It also supports companies in European projects, advising them about community and national funds to support innovation.


Spin360 believes in the value of partnership: its team guides the project and builds a network of experts – in different countries as well as in different fields of expertise – to offer support that is always targeted and comprehensive. In the various projects, it makes use of the expertise of professionals and companies with proven experience that have been carefully selected.

Spin360 has a broad approach that includes different skills and disciplines: it operates in a vast field andin different industries.
It has a global vision that extends beyond the company but embraces the entire supply chain, which goes beyond national borders and thinks internationally.

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Synesis è una società consortile europea no-profit, frutto di una collaborazione pubblico-privato, costituita per la parte privata da piccole e medie imprese italiane e tedesche e per la parte pubblica da istituti di ricerca e sviluppo tecnologico: il CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) per l’Italia e la Fraunhofer Gesellschaft per la Germania.

Synesis svolge il ruolo di tramite fra il mondo della ricerca e l’innovazione in ambito industriale attraverso progetti di ricerca e offrendo servizi di trasferimento tecnologico e opportunità di collaborazione diretta alle imprese che hanno scelto l’innovazione come chiave per rispondere alle sfide produttive del nuovo millennio.