SPIN 360 promotes new business models for companies characterised by sustainability, innovation and progress.



Key Concepts

Industrial sectors are evolving rapidly, many different factors are driving change.

Change of the industry means change of jobs.

The evolution of jobs is linked with a parallel evolution of skills and competencies required.

Anticipating skills change is the key for future success of entire industrial sectors.

Collaboration between industry, VET and Training providers is the key for anticipation.

Skills intelligence & Strategies

Human capital is the company’s greatest asset: this wealth must be managed well and developed because in an ever changing market, it is important to promote the growth of people in order to help them understand changes and grasp critical issues and opportunities.

Helping people grow helps the company grow: SPIN 360 offers innovative paths of analysis and development for projects related to education, training and improving people’s work satisfaction, based on the specific needs of companies and entire industrial sectors, depending on the historical moment and the characteristics of the people.