SPIN 360 promotes new business models for companies characterised by sustainability, innovation and progress.



Key Concepts

Sustainability (Environmental, Social) is the most important topic to be addressed by humans.

It is a complex problem, based on science, still not understood by the majority of consumers.

It can be measured.

It does not have to be addressed only (or mainly) with communication, but rather with concrete ideas and projects.

We encourage the industry to face the challenge of sustainability with pragmatism and long term thinking.

Sustainable strategies and supply chains

We act in the international markets of fashion, design and other important sectors.

We have developed significant experience in setting up and managing collaborative projects (between brands/customers and their suppliers) aiming at improving the sustainability performances of international and complex supply chains.

Life Cycle Thinking

We use the LCA techniques in an innovative manner.

We develop detailed analysis of individual supply chains and production processes, using a data structure deriving from the cost accounting.

We represent results through an advanced Business Intelligence approach and support our customers in the formulation of improvement measures through “What If” analysis and simulation.