SPIN 360 promotes new business models for companies characterised by sustainability, innovation and progress.


Who we are

SPIN 360 is a consultancy boutique that has grown over time and is specialised in developing new sustainable business models and innovative solutions from a technological and organisational point of view, dedicated to many different industrial sectors all over the world.

SPIN 360 was founded in 2009 by Federico Brugnoli (MSc in Environmental Sciences and Technologies in 1997), after building more than ten years of international experience as a freelance and as shareholder of other companies.

SPIN 360 is now active in a diverse range of industrial sectors: Fashion & design, Leather, Textile & Apparel, Footwear, Electricity, Automotive, Batteries, Wood and Furniture, Banking & Finance Electric Energy Production & Distribution, Pulp & Paper.


The business of the future needs to be sustainable.

Sustainability can be driven by businesses that aim for success without forgetting the wellbeing of people and the environment.

Companies can take a responsible route to innovation and the pursuit of economic success can lead to positive social and environmental transformations.

This is our vision, the reason why SPIN360 exists is to support companies and individuals along the journey to sustainable innovation.


Our raw materials are the needs of the industry; our products are projects and ideas to respond to these needs and that aim to improve the way people and companies operate.

We work every day to help companies and institutions implement innovative development models, capable of producing profit and, at the same time, improving their environmental and social sustainability, as well as contributing to professional growth and improving people’s working conditions.

This means: making our expertise and contacts available to companies to develop advanced services to support the research and implementation of solutions for the long-term sustainability of the activities of SMEs and large companies and their production chains.

Innovation means not only creating new technologies, but also developing new business models, thinking and acting in new scenarios, anticipating new skills, and much more.

To realize this flow, skills and innovation are needed, but without sustainability the improvement we are aiming for cannot be achieved


SPIN: Our name encapsulates the values of our work

S: Sustainability

Sustainability (Environmental, Social) is the most important topic to be addressed by humans.

It is a complex problem, based on science, still not understood by the majority of consumers.

It can be measured.

It does not have to be addressed only (or mainly) with communication, but rather with concrete ideas and projects.

We encourage the industry to face the challenge of sustainability with pragmatism and long term thinking.

P: Progress

Industrial sectors are evolving rapidly, many different factors are driving change.

Change of the industry means change of jobs.

The evolution of jobs is linked with a parallel evolution of skills and competencies required.

Anticipating skills change is the key for future success of entire industrial sectors.

Collaboration between industry, VET and Training providers is the key for anticipation.

I: Innovation

An open vision of the world to learn about all the opportunities that technological, environmental and legislative progress has to offer.

It is essential to intercept the needs of the market and snap up the advantages of a new production process or new forms of industrial and financial organisation.

SPIN 360 develops services to support industrial innovation, analysing company needs and offering targeted technological and organisational solutions. It also supports companies in European projects, advising them about community and national funds to support innovation.

N: Network

SPIN 360 believes in the value of partnership: its team guides the project and builds a network of experts – in different countries as well as in different fields of expertise – to offer support that is always targeted and comprehensive.

In the various projects, it makes use of the expertise of professionals and companies with proven experience that have been carefully selected.