Spin360 promotes new business models for companies characterised by sustainability, innovation and progress.

Legislation is constantly evolving
The market has ever higher standards
Consumers are increasingly attentive

Our mission

The business
of the future
is responsible


What do we do
to ensure sustainability
in the leather
supply chain?

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Team of professionals
Experience, expertise and international network

Not just consultancy
Direct operativity and intervention in company processes

Single management
Simplified processes and less time spent

Modular offer
The cost is based on the working steps

The consultancy and training services can benefit from non-repayable regional contributions

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In Milan from october 2nd - 4th 2019

ideas, materials and technologies of the future of fashion
are at

Discover the new edition of LINEAPELLE
project developed by SPIN360

Spin360 is currently involved in the following European projects:

Do you know the risks associated with social responsibility for you and your suppliers?
Do you know whether the sustainability of your supply chain could generate risks?

Measure the sustainability of your company

Responsible supply chain

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Synesis è una società consortile europea no-profit, frutto di una collaborazione pubblico-privato, costituita per la parte privata da piccole e medie imprese italiane e tedesche e per la parte pubblica da istituti di ricerca e sviluppo tecnologico: il CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) per l’Italia e la Fraunhofer Gesellschaft per la Germania.

Synesis svolge il ruolo di tramite fra il mondo della ricerca e l’innovazione in ambito industriale attraverso progetti di ricerca e offrendo servizi di trasferimento tecnologico e opportunità di collaborazione diretta alle imprese che hanno scelto l’innovazione come chiave per rispondere alle sfide produttive del nuovo millennio.