Sustainability, Progress, Innovation and Network are the foundation of Spin 360.

Our idea
of sustainability

Sustainability, both environmental and social, is a complex problem and one yet not understood by many businesses and most consumers. It cannot be addressed with communication, but with tangible ideas and projects. That’s why we encourage the industry to address this challenge with sustainability strategies, pragmatism and long-term thinking.

We operate in international fashion, design and other major industrial sectors.

We have significant experience managing environmental resources and creating collaborative projects (between brands/customers and suppliers) to improve the sustainability performance of international and complex supply chains.

We use LCA techniques in an innovative manner. We develop detailed analyses of individual supply chains and manufacturing processes using a data structure derived from cost accounting.

We analyse data and visualise results through an advanced approach to business intelligence. We support our customers in formulating improvement measures through analysis and simulations.

Our idea for progress

Many industries are evolving rapidly, which means changes in the jobs available. Anticipating changes in skill sets is key to the future success of many industries. Collaboration between industry, professional education and training and training providers is key to anticipation.

Human capital is a business greatest asset: a wealth that must be managed properly and developed to encourage personal growth, helping the individual understand changes and grasp critical issues and opportunities.

SPIN 360 offers innovative paths for analysing and developing projects related to education, training and the improvement of individual job satisfaction, based on the specific needs of companies and industries at large.

Our idea
of innovation

An open view of the world allows us to learn about all the innovative solutions offered by technological, environmental and regulatory advancements.

This approach is critical to intercepting market needs and reaping the benefits of new manufacturing processes or new forms of industrial and financial organisation.

SPIN 360 develops services to support industrial innovation, analysing the needs of companies and proposing targeted technological and organisational solutions. We also support businesses that invest in European projects, advising them on community and national funds available to support innovation.

We analyse trends in fashion and design and identify innovative technology providers and business innovation solutions at the global level.

We combine innovative offering with international events, partnering with leading trade fairs.

We develop R&D and technology transfer projects internally and in collaboration with select partners to develop select technologies of interest to industry operators. Over the years, we have worked on sustainable innovation projects covering such aspects as biotechnology, innovative materials, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, and Risk Management.

Our concept
of a network

We have always believed in the value of partnership.
For this reason, we have created a network of contacts where the team leading the individual project collaborates with experienced professionals – in different countries and in different areas of expertise – who offer targeted and comprehensive support.

The execution of each project therefore also takes place thanks to the expertise of professionals, research centres and companies with proven experience, which are carefully selected.


SPIN 360 is a partner of Synesis – specialising in industrial research and technology transfer.


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