“An entrepreneur by occupation
an innovator by passion”

Knowledge is power

Federico’s journey started at the University of Milan, where, in 1997, he graduated with honours as one of the first Italians to earn an MSc in Environmental Sciences and Technologies. In February this year, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Fashion Sustainability from the University of Northampton. Today, he lectures master’s students in Sustainability in Industrial Production at SUPSI (Lugano) and is the Scientific Director of the master’s course in Fashion Sustainability at Accademia Costume Moda.

Skill is the synthesis of education and experience

Federico has developed specific technical skills in: Applied Research, Biotechnologies, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Risk Management, Technology Transfer, among others.

Federico’s career reflects his drive to inspire positive and socially responsible change. He has coordinated European projects with international partnerships in product and process innovation, international cooperation, development of export markets and energy efficiency of industrial production. He was the technical coordinator of the European Sectoral Skills Councils for the textile, clothing, leather, and trade sectors. And he’s worked with UNIDO on product lifecycle assessment and eco-design in the fashion industry.

Today, Federico and his Spin360 team work alongside international luxury groups, tanning and fashion companies, as well as Italian and European business associations. He’s also a member of the technical secretariat for the Environmental Footprint pilot project on leather, implemented in coordination with the European Commission, and is the curator of Lineapelle Innovation Square and MICAM X.

Forging deep relationships built on trust and mutual forward-looking goals is essential to effect change. Federico has developed market relationships with both prestigious local and international players, including those in the world of academia and supranational organisations (United Nations, WWF, Harvard, MIT).

As part of his integrated approach, Federico encourages collaboration between large corporations and small-to-medium businesses. He works just as closely with his passionate Spin360 team as he does with public authorities and the European Commission to develop and spread innovative skills in response to fast changing market needs. He has also developed a partnership with Synesis, the international research and development consortium, which also includes CNR (the Italian Research Council) and Fraunhoffer Gesellschaft (the largest application-oriented research organisation).

“We are condemned to be innovative if we want to work, implement or, more ambitiously, lead change”. Change that must reconcile the needs of manufacturers and the evolving sensitivity of customers and consumers with constant attention to people and the environment. Change that begins with Federico’s never-ending thirst for knowledge, decades of experience, passionate collaborations, strategic thinking, and wide-ranging relationships. Add to this, his always forward-looking philosophy, tireless work ethic and committed team, and you’ll find a truly integrated and practical approach to innovative sustainability on every one of Federico Brugnoli’s projects.

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