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We support companies in defining and implementing a multi-year sustainability and compliance strategy. We offer advanced services based on the latest scientific, technical, and manufacturing innovations.

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a strategic approach
to sustainability

SPIN 360’s sustainability strategy activities are articulated into several actions and span all business areas and the entire product chain.

To offer our customers dedicated solutions, we have organised the range of products and services we offer into four hubs.

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[ 1 ]

Advice on the acquisition, processing and interpretation of environmental, social and economic impact data and performance of products and organisations.

[ 2 ]

Life Cycle Assessment.

[ Organisational Footprint ]

[ 3 ]

Creation of cockpits of specialist KPIs for companies.

[ Social, Environmental, Economic ]


[ 4 ]

Data-Driven plans for continuous product environmental performance improvement.

[ Roadmaps to neutrality ]

[ 5 ]

Strategies to reduce and offset the environmental footprint of organisations and products.

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[ 1 ]

Design and implementation of collaborative R&D projects.

[ 2 ]

Research and participation in public and private facilitated finance tenders.

[ 3 ]

Design and implementation of upskilling and ongoing training projects.

[ 4 ]

Organisation and implementation of events focused on innovation and sustainability.

[ 5 ]

Consulting, brokerage, design and implementation of product and process innovations, with particular reference to the fashion, tanning, textile, and chemical industries.

[ 6 ]

Development of digital products and services to achieve product and process sustainability.

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[ 1 ]

Advice on the definition, implementation, monitoring and reporting of sustainability strategies for extended and globalised supply chains.

[ Acting on the client and the client’s suppliers ]

[ 2 ]

Advice on projects for the recovery of unsold products and waste from the supply chain in a circularity perspective.

[ 3 ]

Design and implementation of raw material and product traceability systems.

[ 4 ]

Advice on the design and implementation of sustainability design solutions.


[ 1 ]

Sale of digital tools and licensed software integrated into advanced machinery.

[ 2 ]

Sale of software support consulting kits.

[ 3 ]

Sale of interactive and digital training content.

[ Edutainment ]



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European Commission.

Tender funding institutions and programme design and facilitated finance providers.

Trade fairs

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Trade fairs and trade fair organisers.


Spin 360 organizations icon

Industrial aggregations and unions, industry organisations, private-public partnerships.



Spin 360 fashion icon

International and national fashion brands (groups and individual houses).



Spin 360 tanning icon

International and national leather tanning industries (groups and individual tanneries).


Spin 360 chemistry icon

International and national chemical manufacturing industries, especially but not limited to the tanning chemistry industry.



Spin 360 textile icon

International and national textile industry.


Spin 360 construction icon

International and national construction industry.


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International and national manufacturing industries.

Manufacturers of machines for industry.

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