Smart Drum

Spin 360 Solutions Smart Drum illustration
Spin 360 smart drum illustration

Smart Drum allows for the real-time analysis of leather tanning treatments, enabling a continuous improvement process. Its action has a positive impact on the environment and production costs.

Spin 360 smart drum illustration

Smart Drum,
great benefit

Patented with LCA technology, Smart Drum features smart sensors that ensure a simplified and more efficient management of production recipes.

The software, built into the drum, allows R&D engineers to analyse operations throughout the production process, monitoring in real time the energy consumption and impact of all resources used in processing. The data also provide quality indicators of tanned leather that allow new recipes to be tested and compared to one other to identify increasingly performing and sustainable solutions.

Smart Drum is a small tool capable of producing great benefits: it reduces environmental impact, production costs and product development and processing time.

Smart Drum enables the continuous improvement of tanning

Data acquisition

Assessment of
environmental impacts and costs

Identification of the most important

Simulation of the effects
of process adjustments

Pilot processes using
simulated adjustments

Leather quality check

Industrialisation of the
modified processes

Monitoring of process

Modelling and controlling all receiving operations

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