Sustainability is a long journey that every company is called on to take.

To begin this journey, you must first know your supply chain. From the origin of raw materials to processing methods, from logistics to retail and to the end of the product’s life: tracking data is the first step in paving the way to a sustainable business.

A capillary
check on each phase
of the supply chain

SPIN 360 TRACEABILITY is a data tracking tool that has a clear goal: to secure the company’s entire supply chain. Through comprehensive data mapping, the tool provides flow analysis and identifies any critical issues or abnormalities along the supply chain. This makes it easier to create an efficient supply chain where all suppliers act fairly and transparently.

Secure data

[ 1 ]

The data, verified and certified, are entered directly by the suppliers through an online form, installed in their IT systems.

[ 2 ]

All data is automatically collected in specific cloud-based databases and uploaded to a BI Software.

[ 3 ]

The Software analyses the data in real time based on the company’s KPIs. This makes it easier to get up-to-date reports on supply chain trends.


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