Spin 360 Solutions Biomat illustration
Spin 360 Solutions Biomat illustration

BIOMAT is a Hub that promotes the knowledge and use of innovative technology to make the production and consumption of biomaterials more sustainable for the environment and for the people who manufacture and use them.

Spin 360 Solutions Biomat illustration

future potential

Biomaterials can be defined as all natural fibres of plant or animal origin and innovative bio-fabricated products. They are used in several industries: fashion, luxury, automotive, mobile, but most importantly, they can be part of the solution towards securing a carbon neutral future.

What is Biomat


It is a collaborative hub that aims to support the understanding and importance of biomaterial sustainability.


It is an international initiative that brings together many stakeholders from industry, the academic world and NGOs.


It is a sample of the widespread dissemination of science-based knowledge and data for biomaterial sustainability.

Our role

At SPIN360, we are one of the drivers of BIOMAT to support the industry in the development of knowledge, consensus and scientific awareness on the sustainability of biomaterials.


Our goals

The collaborative approach sees us at the forefront with other partners (JBS Couros) to achieve ambitious targets:

[ 1 ]

Create a shared understanding of the environmental impacts and benefits of biomaterial production.

[ 2 ]

Support the harmonisation of key aspects and evaluation criteria by creating consensus.

[ 3 ]

Contribute to the development of innovative tools to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and biomaterial production.

[ 4 ]

Disseminate scientific publications and raise awareness amongst the general public and all stakeholders.

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