Change Maker

From Governance to the environment, from human rights to animal well-being: Sustainability is present at every stage of the supply chain and has a significant impact on a company’s strategic growth. That’s why it is important to ask oneself a simple question:
how sustainable is a company today and how can it become even more sustainable in the future?


SPIN 360 CHANGE MAKER promotes an innovative approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, guiding the company through a process of evaluating, managing and improving all Sustainability performance.

The tool measures CSR metrics based on recognised international standards and certifications, adherence to corporate social responsibility guidelines, and improvement of environmental and social impacts in business management, purchasing practices, and along the supply chain.

Sustainability domains measured
by the tool

Companies can measure, manage and improve performance through a self-assessment and a meaningful assessment of suppliers (Tier-one assessment).


Animal well-being

Chemical management

Community engagement

Human rights

Governance & improvement

Fair business policies

Work policies

Customers and consumers


industry and
tool intervention areas







Wood & Furnishing


A team of
qualified consultants

Our consultants are all qualified to define all the goals step-by-step and then implement targeted actions to achieve them. A support that begins during the measurement and evaluation phase and is completed until the actions suggested by the tool are implemented.

Certified sustainability

At the end of the journey, the company will receive a certification* attesting to all the growth parameters obtained from a CSR perspective. The certification is valid for three years and is subject to annual maintenance verification.

    Area of competence*

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